Everything you want to know about instagram malfunction

Jul 11, 2021 General

The live chats at the Focus webinar a few weeks ago were fantastically lively and informative, with participants answering as well as asking questions that were posed to the scheduled speakers, Deidre Breckenridge, David Merman Scott, Beth Harte, Lee Odden and Brian Solis. As time was tight, not all the questions were answered, so we thought we had scoop some up from the logs and try to give some insights. This was a common question, but there is no quick answer unless you use a mass-following tool, which might boost your numbers but would not necessarily give you a worthwhile audience that includes valuable influencers – it can be a slow build, however, there are ways to make a difference. Write content that people want to read. Bit obvious, but just spieling out advertising is not the tastiest bait. Write interesting and useful articles and blog posts and link to them. Create info graphics, videos, and slideshows and share them. Make astute and witty observations. share content by others that you think your followers will find helpful. Give them a reason to follow you and retweet you.


Search for your audience and follow them – if you are doing the first point well enough, they are likely to follow you back and try instagram storing. Use any of the numerous Twitter applications and search engines to look for relevant people and influencers who would be interested in what you have to say. Get involved in Twitter chats to connect with your relevant audience – this is a great opportunity to offer advice, opinions and knowledge to key people who may become followers afterwards. Robert Swanwick @swanwick has compiled a Twitter Chat Master List where you can find the right subject for you.

Find a way to link what you are saying to topical themes and hash tagged subjects – this gives you a more targeted audience when people search for those terms and keywords. Finally, give an incentive now and again – run polls, competitions, promotions to engage and reward your loyal followers, and encourage more people to follow you. It is easy to feel that your blog is lost in the web verse, but there are ways to increase its visibility and boost traffic. Just like in question 1, content is key – write posts that are informative, useful, interesting and engaging. See this post for a more in-depth guide on how to write a great blog. Optimize – just like your website, make sure that you are implementing keywords, links and other SEO tactics to ensure that your blog can be found and ranked by search engines.