Benefits of Regularly Doing Yoga

Jan 30, 2021 Health

Yoga has been a staple in the health and wellness industry for quite a few years. A lot of people practice it to improve their lifestyles and their general health, both for their body and for their mind. However, what a lot of people are not aware of is how old yoga actually is, and how it has evolved over the last few centuries. Beginning as a practice from the early Indian Sub-Continent, this form of exercise has moved through the entire world for its benefits. It has since then been studied and built upon to have the current type and form of yoga that is practiced, all of which is backed by scientific data.

Yoga School

One of the biggest benefits of doing yoga is the fact that outside of the fitness element, it can greatly improve your mental health. This has been tested multiple times across different focus groups of people who are taking part in yoga, in places like Marianne Wells Yoga School, about two times a week versus a control group who does not do yoga at all. The participants of these groups were men and women who have suffered from chronic anxiety for most of their lives. Within a few weeks, results showed that the group taking part in the yoga activities was better able to maintain their anxiety levels and overtime were managing it better and were able to change their lifestyles accordingly.

Alongside anxiety, yoga can also be used to moderate depression levels in your body. The major factor is the fact that both of these mental conditions are strongly affected by the hormones in our body, specifically the stress hormone. Yoga can reduce these hormones in your body and cut the production of it as well to better control your mood.