What is so Special About Raw Honey?

Dec 17, 2020 Health

Raw honey is another food on the long list of uncooked foods that is been demonstrated to be better for you than that which is typically available in the supermarket. We have known for years that if you boil vegetables they lose some of their nutritional value. The exact same is true for honey. Honey contains a great deal of vitamins and minerals in addition to several byproducts including, bee propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen and wax. Honey also has the distinction of having antibacterial and antiseptic qualities inherent in them. When it is heated and strained, you lose not just those additional nutrients but also the antibiotic attributes. Basically it is stripped of much of the wholesome benefits that give it is wonderful reputation.

The vitamins that are found in Honey contain B6, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and some amino acids. Additionally, there are a number of minerals such as copper, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and zinc.

Raw honey

When you consume honey vs. Strained, heated or mixed honey, you give your body a shot of all these terrific vitamins and minerals in addition to a quick jolt of energy. Raw honey has carbohydrates that could increase energy and strength in addition to increase your endurance. It is also been known to decrease muscle fatigue. Honey is the oldest most natural energy drink on the planet and it is great for you too!

So what is so special about raw honey? It is the world’s oldest super food that not only can offer you tons on health benefits, too many to mention here, and it tastes great too. Make it a habit to spread some honey on your morning toast, use it on your tea or even substitute it for sugar. However you decide to incorporate honey into your life you may reap the benefits of the splendid gift from our friendly neighborhood bees, just be certain it is raw honey.

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