Elderly Abuse: Knowing Your Rights

Apr 6, 2021 Law

As a human being, certain rights are given to you from the day you are born. You have the right to be free and the right to keep yourself safe and protected. In case these rights are infringed upon, you have a right to take legal action against them. If you happen to be a resident of an elder care home or know someone who is a resident and is not being treated well or potentially abused, then taking strict legal actions should be the logical next step. You should look for a nursing home abuse lawyer Bergen County and have them consult with you, and if the facts are right, then you file a malpractice case against the nursing home.

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If the nursing home has done any of the following, you have grounds to file a claim:

  • If they have hurt you either with their hand, using an object, or have mishandled you roughly, then you need to document the proof (by taking pictures and/or going to a doctor) and hold a meeting with a lawyer for swift action.
  • If any of the workers have been sexually inappropriate with you by either passing certain remarks, touched you inappropriately and so on, then you have a strong case.
  • If they berate, insult, gaslight, or do anything that falls under emotional and psychological abuse.
  • If they fail to provide timely care and neglect your medical care, your hygiene, failure to provide adequate or any meals, and so on, then you have a strong case.

If you have any evidence or documented proof, then that will only add to your case and help your lawyer build a stronger case against the nursing home so that you get the justice that you deserve at the end of the day.